Workshops Organization.  A total of three workshops (each lasting 3-4 days) will be organized to bring together the ERs, ESRs, project beneficiaries and partners (both academic and non-academic) to facilitate cross-fertilisation of ideas through multidisciplinary working. Each partner will be involved in co-organising at least one of the workshops to involve them actively in all the themes. Some of these workshops will not only be open to project ERs and ESRs, but also researchers from other EU countries with an interest in relevant fields. ERs and ESRs are expected to present their research finding in these workshops to improve their presentation skills, as well as getting valuable feedback from their peers. These workshops will also serve as an excellent networking opportunity for ERs and ESRs serving as a source of inspiration for future collaborations.

Three workshops will be organized with the main objective to provide a coherent and complete description of the achievements of the project. These workshops will be public international events and all submitted papers will be treated equally. The workshops will be co-located with relevant events (other international conferences, project workshops, etc). In addition, external experts will be invited to present their research in related areas, and to judge the results of the project. External experts on security and privacy will be invited as keynote speakers.


CUT will organize a workshop on usable privacy and security in the social web.  UCL will organize a workshop on Cybersafety.  ROMA 3 will organize the final workshop and an industrial session on user-side deployable tools for content detection and protection in OSNs. The final workshop will include a session  on “Entrepreneurship and innovation” which will focus on the skills needed for turning technical prototypes into business ideas.

  1. To read more details about the 1st Workshop, see here: Daghstuhl Seminar on Cybersafety in Modern Online Social Networks.
  2. To read more details about the 2nd Workshop at UCL, see here: UCL Seminar
  3. ENCASE co-organized a very successful workshop, the Cybersafety 2019, co-located with The Web Conference 2019 in San Francisco.
  4. To read more details about the final workshop organized by CUT, see here: CUT Final Workshop