Aravindh Raman (King”s College London)

Diego Perino (Telefonica)

Emeka Obiodu (King”s College London)

Gareth Tyson (Queen Mary University of London)

Hamed Haddadi (Imperial College London)

Jon Crowcroft (University of Cambridge)

Mobin Javed (ICSI)

Narseo Vallina Rodriguez (IMDEA Networks)

Nishanth Sastry (King”s College London)

Paolo Costa (MSR Cambridge)

Ralph Holz (University of Sydney)

Richard Mortier (University of Cambridge)

Steven Murdoch (UCL)

Roya Ensafi (University of Michigan)

Shehar Bano (UCL)

Stefano Vessicchio (UCL)

Zubair Shafiq (University of Iowa)

ENCASE Project Partners 

Antonia Gogoglou, Aristotele University Thessaloniki

Vaia Moustaka, Aristotele University Thessaloniki

Demetris Antoniades, CYRIC

Loizos Koukoumas, CYRIC

Emilios Yiallourou, Cyprus University of Technology

Michael Sirivianos, Cyprus University of Technology

Panayiotis Zaphiris, Cyprus University of Technology

Savvas Zannetou, Cyprus University of Technology

Marios Vontas, LSTech

Spyros Sakellariou, LSTech

Patrizio Campisi, Roma Tre University

Gabriel Hine, Roma Tre University

Zenonas Theodosiou, Signal Generix

Andreas Pafitis, Signal Generix

Nicolas Kourtellis, Telefonica

Ilias Leontiadis, Telefonica

Emiliano De Cristofaro, UCL

Enrico Mariconti, UCL

Guillermo Suarez-Tangil, UCL

Jeremiah Onaolapo, UCL

Lucky Onwuzurike, UCL


AGENDA , TUESDAY, October 31st 2017

10.00-10.30 Arrival; Coffee and Sweets
10:30-10:35 Welcome, Emiliano De Cristofaro (UCL)
10.35-10.50 Overview, ENCASE EU Project (http://encase.socialcomputing.eu)
10.50-11.15 Jeremiah Onaolapo (UCL): Hives and Honeypots: Understanding Malicious Activity In Online Accounts
11.15-11.40 Narseo Vallina Rodriguez (IMDEA Networks, ICSI): Crowdsourcing Network and Traffic Measurements to Illuminate the Mobile Ecosystem with Lumen
11.40-12.05 Zubair Shafiq (University of Iowa): Measuring and Modeling Software Vulnerability Patching: Challenges and Future Opportunities
12.05-12.30 Nishanth Sastry (King”s College London): How Do We Watch TV, and How Can Networks Adapt to This?
12.30-14.00 Catered Lunch
14.00-14.40 Ralph Holz (Sydney University): Measurements of Blockchain Networks
14.40-15.20 Roya Ensafi (University of Michigan): Investigating Internet Connectivity Disruptions
15.20-15.40 Coffee Break
15.40-16.05 Richard Mortier (University of Cambridge): Containing Personal Data Processing with the Databox
16.05-16.30 Emiliano De Cristofaro (UCL): How I Got Redpilled Measuring 4chan
16.30-16.55 Jon Crowcroft (University of Cambridge): Rewarding Reproducible Results
16.55-17.20 Mobin Javed (ICSI): Detecting Credential Spearphishing in Enterprise Settings
17.20- Pub, Pub, Pub (Or, WWW, WWW, WWW)


UCL, Malet Place Engineering Building, Room 6.12 (6th floor, follow signs) Malet Place,
London WC1E 6BT,  Entrance from Roberts Engineering Building