The Cyprus University of Technology is one of two major state universities in Cyprus. It is the Coordinator of the ENCASE action. The Social Computing Research Center (SCRC) in particular brings together researchers specializing in social computing from the various departments of the university combining expertise in social psychology, social aspects of computing, human factors, human-computer interaction, digital watermarking and data-mining for affective analysis, distributed systems and computation with social trust.

SCRC is in the process of establishing structured relations with the industry, aiming at deploying its research results in real-world ICT solutions. To this end, SCRC expects to acquire via ENCASE real-world deployment expertise, and industrial-grade big data processing knowledge.

Experienced and early-stage researchers will be seconded to TID and LSTech to work with their personnel towards building applicable and deployable solutions that detect fraudulent activity in OSNs and protect the sensitive content of end-users. Lastly, CUT’s seconded and hosted researchers will collaborate to monitor the integration of the subsystems, to perform pilot demonstrations and to analyze the results.


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