uclUCL’s Department of Computer Science is one of the world”s leading experimental computer science departments, and its Information Security Research (ISR) group features 9 full-time academics conducting cutting-edge research in security, privacy, usable security, and cryptography.
Throughout the project, researchers from UCL-ISR will contribute their leading expertise and experience with measuring, identifying, and countering malicious behavior inference, by means of social graph and user-interaction mining and work closely with TID, through secondments, to learn how to integrate TID”s expertise with cyberbullying detection on social network, as well as fake account detection from real-world online social networks (such as Tuenti).

They will also work with CYRIC and SignalGenerix to develop synergies building on their hands-on experience and software for large-scale graph processing.


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Name : Emiliano De Cristofaro
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